Alexander Dunlap

Borrowing activity from 2/18/1792 to 2/21/1805.
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Alexander Dunlap Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Alexander Dunlap Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Gent MagVolume 582/18/17922/20/1792
Transcribed: J. GrenvilleHenry BrookeVolume 12/20/17922/21/1792
Transcribed: "Henry BrookeVolume 22/21/17922/23/1792
Transcribed: "Henry BrookeVolume 32/23/17922/24/1792
Transcribed: "Henry Brooke2/24/17922/24/1792
Transcribed: SwiftJonathan SwiftVolume 12/24/17922/29/1792
Transcribed: "Jonathan SwiftVolume 22/29/17923/3/1792
Transcribed: "Jonathan SwiftVolume 33/3/17923/14/1792
Transcribed: "Jonathan SwiftVolume 43/14/17924/3/1792
Transcribed: "Jonathan SwiftVolume 54/2/17924/13/1792
Transcribed: "Jonathan SwiftVolume 64/13/17924/26/1792
Transcribed: Fair hibernian4/26/17925/3/1792
Transcribed: Harison B. ClassicsVolume 21/17/18002/14/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 62/14/18003/8/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 62/14/18003/8/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 113/8/18003/13/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 43/13/18005/17/18004/
Transcribed: Liancourts TravelsFrançois-Alexandre-Frédéric La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt5/17/18005/24/1800
Transcribed: Lond. M. MagVolume 69/25/180010/30/18002/2
Transcribed: "Volume 610/30/180011/21/18002/2
Transcribed: Pratts GleaningsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 111/21/180012/6/1800
Transcribed: "Samuel Jackson PrattVolume 212/6/180012/20/1800
Transcribed: Zimmerman N. PrideJohann Georg Zimmermann; Samuel Hull Wilcocke12/20/18004/14/18018/
Transcribed: FieldingHenry FieldingVolume 94/14/18015/15/18011/3
Transcribed: Constitutions AmericaJacques-Vincent Delacroix5/15/18015/15/18011d
Transcribed: "Jacques-Vincent DelacroixVolume 15/15/18016/8/18011d
Transcribed: "Jacques-Vincent DelacroixVolume 25/15/18016/8/18011d
Transcribed: Welds TravelsIsaac WeldVolume 16/8/18016/8/1801
Transcribed: "Jacques-Vincent DelacroixVolume 16/8/18016/8/1801
Transcribed: "Jacques-Vincent DelacroixVolume 26/8/18016/8/1801
Transcribed: Antenors TravelsEtienne François de LantierVolume 16/24/18016/25/1801
Transcribed: "Etienne François de LantierVolume 26/25/18016/29/1801
Transcribed: "Etienne François de LantierVolume 36/29/18017/16/1801
Transcribed: Voyage in Search PerJacques-Julien LabillardièreVolume 17/16/18018/11/180110d
Transcribed: Sporting MagVolume 163/4/18023/18/1802
Transcribed: CeciliaFanny BurneyVolume 13/18/18024/5/18021/
Transcribed: CeciliaFanny BurneyVolume 23/18/18024/5/18021/
Transcribed: CeciliaFanny BurneyVolume 33/18/18024/5/18021/
Transcribed: Johnsons PoetsSamuel JohnsonVolume 358/9/18028/24/1802
Transcribed: "Samuel JohnsonVolume 358/24/18029/13/18026d
Transcribed: "Samuel JohnsonVolume 359/13/18029/13/1802
Transcribed: AgnesAnna Maria BennettVolume 210/12/180210/12/1802
Transcribed: AgnesAnna Maria BennettVolume 310/12/180210/12/1802
Transcribed: AgnesAnna Maria BennettVolume 110/12/180210/12/1802
Transcribed: " LecturesHugh BlairVolume 11/4/18032/10/18032/8
Transcribed: Blairs SermonsHugh BlairVolume 11/4/18031/4/1803
Transcribed: Caroline LitchfieldThomas Holcroft; Isabelle de Montolieu 2/13/18042/20/1804
Transcribed: King P. WorksFrederic IIVolume 56/7/18046/21/1804
Transcribed: "Frederic IIVolume 66/21/18046/22/1804
Transcribed: Dallas M. WarRobert Charles DallasVolume 16/22/18047/26/18042/2
Transcribed: Human FrailtiesVolume 27/26/18047/26/1804
Transcribed: Human FrailtiesVolume 17/26/18047/26/1804
Transcribed: Human FrailtiesVolume 37/26/18047/26/1804
Transcribed: Life DarwineAnna Seward8/3/18048/14/1804
Transcribed: VagabondGeorge WalkerVolume 28/14/18048/18/1804
Transcribed: VagabondGeorge WalkerVolume 18/14/18048/18/1804
Transcribed: DusldorffAnna Maria MacKenzieVolume 28/18/18048/30/1804
Transcribed: DusldorffAnna Maria MacKenzieVolume 38/18/18048/30/1804
Transcribed: DusldorffAnna Maria MacKenzieVolume 18/18/18048/30/1804
Transcribed: CipherP LittlejohnVolume 28/30/18049/6/1804
Transcribed: CipherP LittlejohnVolume 38/30/18049/6/1804
Transcribed: CipherP LittlejohnVolume 18/30/18049/6/1804
Transcribed: Letters to SonPhilip Dormer Stanhope Earl of ChesterfieldVolume 111/9/180411/27/18044d
Transcribed: Act. rend11/27/180487/9
Transcribed: P. PindarPeter PindarVolume 411/27/180412/7/1804
Transcribed: PercivalAnne PlumptreVolume 212/7/18041/10/18056/8
Transcribed: PercivalAnne PlumptreVolume 312/7/18041/10/18056/8
Transcribed: PercivalAnne PlumptreVolume 412/7/18041/10/18056/8
Transcribed: PercivalAnne PlumptreVolume 112/7/18041/10/18056/8
Transcribed: Gants State EuropeFrederick von Gentz1/10/18052/21/18053/4
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