Peter T. Curtenius (4/3/1734 - 1798)

Borrowing activity from 9/14/1789 to 5/7/1792.

Peter Theobaldus Curtenius (April 3, 1734 in New York City – 1798 in New York City) was an American merchant and politician.

Peter T. Curtenius Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Circulation Activity
Books by subject area
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Peter T. Curtenius Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: State of RomeJohn Gillies9/14/17899/23/1789
Transcribed: Montague's LettersMary Wortley Montagu9/23/178910/7/1789
Transcribed: Paris in MiniatureLouis-Sébastien Mercier10/7/178910/21/1789
Transcribed: Junius's LettersJunius10/21/178911/4/1789
Transcribed: Priestley on Education - Returnd Joseph Priestley11/4/1789
Transcribed: Female SpectatorEliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 111/16/178911/30/1789
Transcribed: CatoJohn Trenchard11/30/178912/9/1789
Transcribed: Female SpectatorEliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 212/9/178912/18/1789
Transcribed: Morses GeographyJedidiah Morse12/18/17891/8/1790
Transcribed: Female SpectatorEliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 31/8/17901/25/1790
Transcribed: "Eliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 41/25/17902/5/1790
Transcribed: Goldsmiths GreeceOliver GoldsmithVolume 12/5/17902/24/1790
Transcribed: LoungerHenry MackenzieVolume 12/24/17903/10/1790
Transcribed: "Henry MackenzieVolume 23/10/17903/24/1790
Transcribed: Gillies GreeceJohn GilliesVolume 13/24/17904/14/1790
Transcribed: SpectatorSpectatorVolume 74/14/17904/21/1790
Transcribed: "SpectatorVolume 84/21/17904/30/1790
Transcribed: Lon. MagVolume 344/30/17905/14/1790
Transcribed: American MuseumVolume 55/14/17906/2/1790
Transcribed: Cooks LifeAndrew Kippis6/2/17906/21/1790
Transcribed: Browns EssaysJohn Brown6/21/17907/1/1790
Transcribed: Am. MuseumVolume 27/1/17907/22/1790
Transcribed: London MagVolume 327/22/17908/10/1790
Transcribed: "Volume 248/10/17908/17/1790
Transcribed: Gillies His G..John GilliesVolume 38/17/17909/8/1790
Transcribed: TatlerTatlerVolume 19/8/17909/10/1790
Transcribed: Bossu's IntroductionJacques Bénigne Bossuet9/10/17909/18/1790
Transcribed: Am. Reg.Robert DodsleyVolume 17759/18/17909/28/1790
Transcribed: " 17Robert DodsleyVolume 17759/28/179010/4/1790
Transcribed: Gent MagVolume 2910/4/179010/20/1790
Transcribed: Annl. Reg 15Robert DodsleyVolume 177310/20/179010/28/1790
Transcribed: Blairs LecturesHugh BlairVolume 110/28/179011/20/1790
Transcribed: Baker on LearningThomas Baker11/23/179011/27/1790
Transcribed: Encyclopedia (B)Volume 311/27/179011/29/17901d
Transcribed: "Volume 712/29/17901/25/1791
Transcribed: LydiaJohn ShebbeareVolume 21/25/17911/26/1791
Transcribed: LydiaJohn ShebbeareVolume 11/25/17911/26/1791
Transcribed: "John ShebbeareVolume 31/26/17911/28/1791
Transcribed: "John ShebbeareVolume 41/26/17911/28/1791
Transcribed: Ency BVolume 41/28/17912/7/1791
Transcribed: "Volume 52/7/17912/24/1791
Transcribed: States CorrespondentJohn NicholsVolume 12/24/17912/28/1791
Transcribed: "John NicholsVolume 22/28/17913/4/1791
Transcribed: N.Y. Mag3/4/17913/19/1791
Transcribed: Love & MadnessSir Herbert Croft3/19/17913/28/1791
Transcribed: Morses GeoJedidiah Morse3/28/17914/14/1791
Transcribed: TatlerTatlerVolume 14/14/17914/18/1791
Transcribed: Col MagVolume 14/18/17915/10/17912d
Transcribed: "Volume 25/10/17915/30/1791
Transcribed: Marmontels talesJean-François MarmontelVolume 15/30/17916/1/1791
Transcribed: Grays Inn JournalArthur MurphyVolume 16/3/17916/17/1791
Transcribed: Freneaux MiscPhilip Freneau6/17/17917/7/17916d
Transcribed: Biefields LettersJakob Friedrich BielfeldVolume 17/7/17918/3/17911/4d
Transcribed: 377 Ency B Volume 98/3/17919/5/17911/3d
Transcribed: Lon. Mag 1781 9/5/179110/1/17918d
Transcribed: Ency BVolume 1010/1/179110/21/1791
Transcribed: HerveyJames HerveyVolume 310/21/179111/8/1791
Transcribed: "James HerveyVolume 511/8/179111/23/1791
Transcribed: "James HerveyVolume 611/23/179112/6/1791
Transcribed: Walker SermonsRobert WalkerVolume 112/8/179112/19/1791
Transcribed: "Robert WalkerVolume 212/19/179112/31/1791
Transcribed: "Robert WalkerVolume 312/31/17911/19/1792
Transcribed: Am MusVolume 71/19/17922/6/1792
Transcribed: Ency F.Denis Diderot; Jean le Rond d'Alembert Volume 212/6/17923/12/1792
Transcribed: Ency BVolume 13/12/17923/15/1792
Transcribed: Beauties GenlisStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de Genlis3/15/17923/20/1792
Transcribed: HerveyJames HerveyVolume 63/20/17923/26/1792
Transcribed: Catesbys LettersMarie Jeanne de Heurles Laboras de Mezières Riccoboni; Frances Moore Brooke3/26/17923/29/1792
Transcribed: TheatreVolume 23/28/17923/31/1792
Transcribed: American PreacherDavid AustinVolume 13/31/17924/10/1792
Transcribed: EleonoraJohann Wolfgang von Goethe4/10/17924/12/1792
Transcribed: Alex Hist womenWilliam AlexanderVolume 14/12/17924/15/1792
Transcribed: Am. PreacherDavid AustinVolume 24/15/17924/25/1792
Transcribed: Cockburns worksCatharine TrotterVolume 14/25/17924/26/1792
Transcribed: LouisaElizabeth Helme4/26/17924/27/1792
Transcribed: TheatreVolume 14/27/17924/30/1792
Transcribed: Am PreacherDavid AustinVolume 34/30/17925/7/1792
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