Thomas Cooper (1759-1839)

Borrowing activity from 8/14/1789 to 10/15/1801.

Thomas Cooper (October 22, 1759 – May 11, 1839) was an Anglo-American economist, college president and political philosopher. Cooper was described by Thomas Jefferson as "one of the ablest men in America" and by John Adams as "a learned ingenious scientific and talented madcap." Dumas Malone stated that "modern scientific progress would have been impossible without the freedom of the mind which he championed throughout life." His ideas were taken very seriously in his own time: there were substantial reviews of his writings, and some late eighteenth-century critics of materialism directed their arguments against Cooper, rather than against the better-known Joseph Priestley.

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Thomas Cooper Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Blair's LecturesHugh BlairVolume 28/14/17899/2/1789Self
Transcribed: Blair's LecturesHugh BlairVolume 39/18/178910/7/1789
Transcribed: Revolution of GenevaFrancis d'Ivernois10/9/178912/18/1789
Transcribed: Revolution of GenevaFrancis d'Ivernois11/2/178911/18/1789
Transcribed: Pindars WorksPeter Pindar12/9/179012/30/1790
Transcribed: An Un HistVolume 22/3/17912/22/1791
Transcribed: Mitfords GreeceWilliam Mitford2/22/17913/8/1791
Transcribed: " conWilliam Mitford3/8/17914/2/179110d
Transcribed: " conWilliam Mitford4/2/17914/21/1791
Transcribed: " conWilliam Mitford4/21/17915/9/1791
Transcribed: EmiliaMrs. Burke5/17/17915/31/1791
Transcribed: Interesting memoirsElizabeth KeirVolume 15/31/17916/16/1791
Transcribed: EleonoraJohann Wolfgang von Goethe6/27/17916/24/1791
Transcribed: Lady WoodfordLady Woodford6/27/17917/12/1791
Transcribed: SylphGeorgiana Spencer Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire7/12/17917/26/1791
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 110/1/179110/11/1791
Transcribed: "Fanny BurneyVolume 210/10/179110/12/1791
Transcribed: AriostoLodovico AriostoVolume 110/12/179110/13/1791
Transcribed: "Lodovico AriostoVolume 310/31/179110/31/1791
Transcribed: "Lodovico AriostoVolume 411/1/179111/2/1791
Transcribed: Modern EuropeWilliam RussellVolume 111/23/179112/9/1791
Transcribed: "William RussellVolume 212/9/179112/30/1791
Transcribed: LouisaElizabeth Helme2/29/17923/6/1792
Transcribed: CarolineThomas Holcroft; Isabelle de Montolieu Volume 13/13/17923/14/1792
Transcribed: TheatreVolume 103/14/17923/16/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 123/16/17923/19/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 133/19/17923/22/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 13/22/17923/24/1792
Transcribed: FarcesDavid GarrickVolume 13/24/17923/26/1792
Transcribed: J. CongressUnited States. CongressVolume 93/26/17924/10/1792
Transcribed: J. CongressUnited States. CongressVolume 83/26/17924/10/1792
Transcribed: Curse of SentimentsCharles Dodd4/20/17924/26/1792
Transcribed: Robertsons AmericaWilliam RobertsonVolume 17/10/18007/10/1800
Transcribed: " ScotlandWilliam RobertsonVolume 17/10/18008/5/18008d
Transcribed: Advantage EduJane West7/12/18007/12/1800
Transcribed: False FriendMary RobinsonVolume 17/12/18007/21/1800
Transcribed: St. LeonWilliam GodwinVolume 17/22/18007/24/1800
Transcribed: "William GodwinVolume 37/29/18008/1/1800
Transcribed: Nature & Art8/1/18008/11/1800
Transcribed: Robertsons ScotlandWilliam RobertsonVolume 28/5/18008/28/18004d
Transcribed: "William GodwinVolume 28/24/18008/29/1800
Transcribed: Humers EnglandDavid HumeVolume 18/28/180011/15/18006/
Transcribed: False FriendMary RobinsonVolume 211/4/180012/10/18001/10
Transcribed: Humes EnglandDavid HumeVolume 211/15/180012/6/1800
Transcribed: "David HumeVolume 312/6/18003/7/18016/
Transcribed: Beggar GirlAnna Maria BennettVolume 112/13/180012/17/1800
Transcribed: "Anna Maria BennettVolume 212/17/180012/22/1800
Transcribed: St. LeonWilliam GodwinVolume 112/22/180012/23/1800
Transcribed: Sorrows EdithMrs. BurkeVolume 112/23/180012/31/1800
Transcribed: Sorrows EdithMrs. BurkeVolume 212/23/180012/31/1800
Transcribed: EthelindaCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 112/31/18001/8/1801
Transcribed: EthelindaCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 312/31/18001/8/1801
Transcribed: EthelindaCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 212/31/18001/8/1801
Transcribed: B. GirlAnna Maria BennettVolume 31/8/18011/12/1801
Transcribed: CeciliaFanny BurneyVolume 12/6/18012/16/1801
Transcribed: CeciliaFanny BurneyVolume 22/6/18012/16/1801
Transcribed: Beggar GirlAnna Maria BennettVolume 22/16/18013/2/1801
Transcribed: Beggar GirlAnna Maria BennettVolume 32/16/18013/2/1801
Transcribed: Zimm. SolitudeJohann Georg Zimmermann3/2/18013/24/18012d
Transcribed: Natural DaughterMary RobinsonVolume 23/7/18013/10/1801
Transcribed: Natural DaughterMary RobinsonVolume 13/7/18013/10/1801
Transcribed: Alf Von DuelmanBenedikte NaubertVolume 23/10/18013/11/1801
Transcribed: Alf Von DuelmanBenedikte NaubertVolume 13/10/18013/11/1801
Transcribed: False FriendMary RobinsonVolume 13/11/18013/25/1801
Transcribed: Life PetrarchSusannah Dobson; Jacques-François-Paul-Aldonce de SadeVolume 18/5/18018/17/1801
Transcribed: Life PetrarchSusannah Dobson; Jacques-François-Paul-Aldonce de SadeVolume 28/5/18018/17/1801
Transcribed: Essay on PopulationThomas Robert Malthus8/26/180110/15/18014/10
Transcribed: Harrisons B. ClassicsVolume 68/26/180110/15/18014/10
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