Francis Arden (1750 - 1834)

Borrowing activity from 8/28/1800 to 11/15/1803.
Francis Arden was a lawyer and poet. He was a Counsellor at Law, and a partner of William Coleman ("William"). In  1807 he was appointed Master in Chancery for the State of New York ("Francis"). Arden published an English heroic verse translation of Ovid's Tristia in 1821, which he dedicated to John Jay. He also published naval songs and poems to commemorate historic and civic milestones. Several of his poems, particularly "The Frigate Constitution," appear in folk anthologies of the nineteenth century (McCarty 46,122). "The Frigate Constitution," sung before the Corporation of the City of New York on July 4, 1815, was also published in 1815 in the Analectic Magazine, a literary journal edited by Washington Irving.

Arden married Hannah Steddiford on May 18, 1802 (Greene 42); they had at least three children. 

Arden died in September 1838.
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Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Carver's TravelsJonathan Carver8/28/180010/21/18005/6
Transcribed: Jones' WorksWilliam JonesVolume 13/11/18014/8/1801
Transcribed: Pennant's ChesterThomas Pennant8/15/18018/15/1801
Transcribed: Pennant's TourThomas PennantVolume 18/15/18019/10/180110d
Transcribed: Voyage Search PeyrouseJacques-Julien LabillardièreVolume 19/10/18019/17/1801
Transcribed: "Jacques-Julien LabillardièreVolume 29/17/18019/18/1801
Transcribed: Peyrouse's VoyageJean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 19/18/180110/13/18018/
Transcribed: "Jean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 210/13/180110/26/1801
Transcribed: Count PetersburgCharles François Philibert MassonVolume 210/26/180111/24/18012/8
Transcribed: Life of HomerThomas Blackwell8/6/18028/31/18028d
Transcribed: "Thomas Blackwell8/31/18029/22/18022d
Transcribed: "Thomas Blackwell9/22/180210/21/18021/4
Transcribed: "Thomas Blackwell10/21/18021/31/18038/
Transcribed: "Thomas Blackwell1/31/18038/2/18038/
Transcribed: "Thomas Blackwell8/2/180311/15/18034/
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