John Cochran (9/1/1730 - 4/6/1807)

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Dr. John Cochran was born in 1730 in Sadsbury, Pennsylvania, and received his medical training in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Biddle 242). He served in the French and Indian war as surgeon's mate (Biddle 242-243). He became friends with Captain (later General) Philip Schuyler, and eventually married Schuyler's sister Gertrude. They settled in Albany but soon relocated to New Brunwick, New Jersey. There he founded the New Jersey Medical Society in 1766, and three years later was elected President (Biddle 243).

During the Revolutionary War, Cochran's home was burned by British troops. He volunteered hospital services of the Continental Army and was appointed Physician and Surgeon of the Middle Department on George Washington's recommendation. In 1780, he became a member of Washington's staff as Director-General of Military Hospitals.

After the American Revolution, he and his family made a home in New York City, where he resumed his practice. President Washington appointed Cochran, whom he nicknamed "Good Doctor Bones," Commissioner of Loans for New York State, an office he held until disabled by a stroke and forced to retire (Biddle 249).

He was a member of the Society of Cincinatti of the State of New York. 

He died in 1807.
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