Freeman Clarkson (2/23/1756 - 1810)

Borrowing activity from 8/5/1799 to 3/19/1805.
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Freeman Clarkson Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Freeman Clarkson Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Banished Man8/5/17998/10/1799
Transcribed: WalsinghamMary RobinsonVolume 18/10/17998/15/1799
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 18/20/17998/26/1799
Transcribed: Curiosities LiteratIsaac DisraeliVolume 211/21/179912/10/1799
Transcribed: Cornelia SedleyWilliam HayleyVolume 22/3/18012/14/1801
Transcribed: Cornelia SedleyWilliam HayleyVolume 12/3/18012/14/1801
Transcribed: Gossips StoryJane West2/14/18012/20/1801
Transcribed: Nature & Art2/20/18012/26/1801
Transcribed: AugustaVolume 12/26/18013/10/1801
Transcribed: AugustaVolume 22/26/18013/10/1801
Transcribed: AugustaVolume 32/26/18013/10/1801
Transcribed: Female Advocate3/10/18013/16/1801
Transcribed: EthelindaCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 13/16/18013/25/1801
Transcribed: EthelindaCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 33/16/18013/25/1801
Transcribed: "Charlotte Turner SmithVolume 33/25/18014/6/1801
Transcribed: "Charlotte Turner SmithVolume 23/25/18014/6/1801
Transcribed: Brit TheatreJohn BellVolume 144/6/18014/13/1801
Transcribed: "John BellVolume 164/13/18014/25/1801
Transcribed: "John BellVolume 24/25/18015/9/1801
Transcribed: "John BellVolume 25/9/18015/29/18016d
Transcribed: "John BellVolume 25/29/18016/11/1801
Transcribed: D'Israelis MisscelIsaac Disraeli7/3/18017/13/1801
Transcribed: Brit TheatreJohn BellVolume 137/13/18017/19/1801
Transcribed: Curiosities LiteratIsaac DisraeliVolume 17/18/18018/4/1801
Transcribed: ClaremontRegina Maria RocheVolume 28/29/18019/4/1801
Transcribed: ClaremontRegina Maria RocheVolume 18/29/18019/4/1801
Transcribed: Lavaters PhysiogJohann Caspar LavaterVolume 18/30/180110/17/1801
Transcribed: Rash VowsStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 29/4/18019/16/1801
Transcribed: Rash VowsStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 39/4/18019/16/1801
Transcribed: Rash VowsStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 19/4/18019/16/1801
Transcribed: Clara DuplessesAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 29/16/18018/30/1801
Transcribed: Clara DuplessesAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 39/16/18018/30/1801
Transcribed: Clara DuplessesAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 19/16/18018/30/1801
Transcribed: Blairs SermonsHugh BlairVolume 310/17/180110/31/1801
Transcribed: "Hugh BlairVolume 310/31/180110/22/1801
Transcribed: FarcesDavid GarrickVolume 612/11/180112/21/1801
Transcribed: "David GarrickVolume 512/21/180112/29/1801
Transcribed: "David GarrickVolume 512/29/18011/12/1802
Transcribed: "David GarrickVolume 11/12/18021/22/1802
Transcribed: "David GarrickVolume 51/22/18021/30/1802
Transcribed: Paysante ParventiCharles de Fieux MouhyVolume 11/30/18022/8/1802
Transcribed: "Charles de Fieux MouhyVolume 22/8/18022/16/1802
Transcribed: "Charles de Fieux MouhyVolume 22/16/18022/26/1802
Transcribed: "Charles de Fieux MouhyVolume 32/26/18023/8/1802
Transcribed: "Charles de Fieux MouhyVolume 43/8/18023/17/1802
Transcribed: "Charles de Fieux MouhyVolume 43/17/18023/29/1802
Transcribed: Polwhels SermonsRichard PolwheleVolume 23/29/18024/10/1802
Transcribed: DionologyGeorge Hay4/10/18024/24/1802
Transcribed: Perrins FablesJean Baptiste Perrin4/24/18025/4/1802
Transcribed: Lee's MemoirsCharles Lee5/4/18025/15/1802
Transcribed: Robinsons MemoirsVolume 25/15/18025/19/1802
Transcribed: "Volume 25/19/18025/25/1802
Transcribed: "Volume 15/19/18025/25/1802
Transcribed: Ouvres de RiccobMarie Jeanne de Heurles Laboras de Mezieres RiccoboniVolume 15/25/18026/5/1802
Transcribed: "Marie Jeanne de Heurles Laboras de Mezieres RiccoboniVolume 16/5/18026/18/1802
Transcribed: Girl MountainEliza ParsonsVolume 27/6/18027/17/1802
Transcribed: Girl MountainEliza ParsonsVolume 17/6/18027/17/1802
Transcribed: "Eliza ParsonsVolume 27/17/18027/29/1802
Transcribed: Tristram ShandyLaurence SterneVolume 27/29/180210/10/1802
Transcribed: Tristram ShandyLaurence SterneVolume 37/29/180210/10/1802
Transcribed: Tristram ShandyLaurence SterneVolume 17/29/180210/10/1802
Transcribed: Barringtons B BayGeorge Barrington8/10/18028/24/1802
Transcribed: "Friedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 58/15/18029/25/1802
Transcribed: G TheatreFriedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 48/24/18029/6/1802
Transcribed: "Friedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 29/6/18029/9/1802
Transcribed: "Friedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 69/9/18029/20/1802
Transcribed: G TheatreFriedrich Ludwig SchröderVolume 311/1/180211/11/1802
Transcribed: Parental MonitorVolume 211/11/180211/26/1802
Transcribed: Parental MonitorVolume 111/11/180211/26/1802
Transcribed: "Volume 211/26/180212/8/1802
Transcribed: "Volume 411/26/180212/8/1802
Transcribed: "Volume 311/26/180212/8/1802
Transcribed: Residence FranceCharlotte Biggs; John Gifford12/8/180212/28/1802
Transcribed: Dialogues on EloquenceFrançois de Salignac de la Mothe Fénelon1/8/18051/22/1805
Transcribed: "François de Salignac de la Mothe Fénelon1/22/18052/2/1805
Transcribed: Molieres playsMolièreVolume 22/2/18052/12/1805
Transcribed: "MolièreVolume 52/12/18052/12/1805
Transcribed: "MolièreVolume 72/20/18052/22/1805
Transcribed: Revolut PlutStewartonVolume 13/1/18053/19/1805
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