Nicholas G. Carmer (6/22/1769 - 8/11/1825)

Also Known As: Nicholas Garretson Carmer
Borrowing activity from 9/30/1791 to 12/31/1805.
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Nicholas G. Carmer Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Circulation Activity
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Nicholas G. Carmer Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Annu. Reg.Robert DodsleyVolume 17879/30/179110/4/1791
Transcribed: NegroVolume 19/30/17919/30/1791
Transcribed: NegroVolume 110/4/179110/7/1791
Transcribed: "Volume 310/7/179110/18/1791
Transcribed: Hist 5 Indian NationsCadwallader Colden10/18/179111/25/17912s/10d
Transcribed: Hartly HousePhoebe Gibbes11/25/179112/14/17915d
Transcribed: Travels of CyrusAndrew Michael Ramsay12/14/17911/8/17926d
Transcribed: FieldingHenry FieldingVolume 22/10/17922/15/1792
Transcribed: Effusions fancyJohn Langhorne2/15/17922/29/1792
Transcribed: FieldingHenry FieldingVolume 112/29/17923/5/1792
Transcribed: Lives ad.John CampbellVolume 23/5/17923/10/1792
Transcribed: Maitlands LondonWilliam Maitland3/10/17924/20/1792
Transcribed: Pollnitz - x Freiherr von Karl Ludwig PöllnitzVolume 14/20/1792
Transcribed: Alf Von DeulBenedikte NaubertVolume 112/21/179912/27/1799
Transcribed: Hugh TrevorThomas HolcroftVolume 212/27/17991/12/1800
Transcribed: Devil SticksWilliam Combe; Alain René Le SageVolume 21/12/18001/22/1800
Transcribed: "William Combe; Alain René Le SageVolume 31/22/18002/4/1800
Transcribed: Tale TimesJane WestVolume 12/18/18002/21/1800
Transcribed: "Jane WestVolume 22/21/18002/25/1800
Transcribed: RelapseVolume 22/25/18002/27/1800
Transcribed: Welsh StoryMary BarkerVolume 22/27/18003/1/1800
Transcribed: Myster UdolphoAnn Ward RadcliffeVolume 23/1/18004/1/1800
Transcribed: DesmondCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 24/1/18006/3/18004/1
Transcribed: Constant LoversAugust von KotzebueVolume 16/3/18006/30/18001/
Transcribed: Ellis Hist CorJohn Ellis6/30/18007/5/1800
Transcribed: Amstram GuthamAdolph Freiherr von Knigge10/22/180012/28/1800
Transcribed: Mysteries UdolphoAnn Ward RadcliffeVolume 110/28/180011/5/1800
Transcribed: "Ann Ward RadcliffeVolume 211/5/180011/12/1800
Transcribed: "Ann Ward RadcliffeVolume 311/12/180011/27/1800
Transcribed: Helen St. ClaireElizabeth Isabella SpenceVolume 23/6/18013/10/1800
Transcribed: Helen St. ClaireElizabeth Isabella SpenceVolume 13/6/18013/10/1800
Transcribed: SigismarHenry WhitfieldVolume 13/10/18014/11/18014/
Transcribed: SigismarHenry WhitfieldVolume 23/10/18014/11/18014/
Transcribed: SigismarHenry WhitfieldVolume 33/10/18014/11/18014/
Transcribed: Welsh StoryMary BarkerVolume 24/11/18015/4/18012/3
Transcribed: Welsh StoryMary BarkerVolume 34/11/18015/4/18012/3
Transcribed: Welsh StoryMary BarkerVolume 14/11/18015/4/18012/3
Transcribed: Adelaide St. JulianAnne KerVolume 25/4/18015/16/1801
Transcribed: Adelaide St. JulianAnne KerVolume 15/4/18015/16/1801
Transcribed: Natural DaughterMary RobinsonVolume 25/16/18015/29/1801
Transcribed: Natural DaughterMary RobinsonVolume 15/16/18015/29/1801
Transcribed: Constant LoversAugust von KotzebueVolume 15/29/18015/30/1801
Transcribed: Constant LoversAugust von KotzebueVolume 25/29/18015/30/1801
Transcribed: St. LeonWilliam GodwinVolume 15/30/18016/6/1801
Transcribed: St. LeonWilliam GodwinVolume 25/30/18016/6/1801
Transcribed: Physiog TravelsJohann Karl August Musäus6/6/18016/6/1801
Transcribed: "Johann Karl August MusäusVolume 26/6/18016/19/1801
Transcribed: "Johann Karl August MusäusVolume 36/6/18016/19/1801
Transcribed: "Johann Karl August MusäusVolume 16/6/18016/19/1801
Transcribed: Henry & IsabellaAnne Hughes6/19/18016/19/1801
Transcribed: Duke ClarenceMrs. E. M. FosterVolume 27/3/18017/11/1801
Transcribed: Duke ClarenceMrs. E. M. FosterVolume 17/3/18017/11/1801
Transcribed: MordauntJohn MooreVolume 17/11/18017/22/1801
Transcribed: MordauntJohn MooreVolume 37/11/18017/22/1801
Transcribed: MordauntJohn MooreVolume 27/11/18017/22/1801
Transcribed: Disappointed HeirA. GomersallVolume 17/22/18017/27/1801
Transcribed: Disappointed HeirA. GomersallVolume 27/22/18017/27/1801
Transcribed: Monthly MirrorVolume 87/27/18017/30/1801
Transcribed: Repertory ArtsVolume 47/30/18018/12/1801
Transcribed: Nobles PerspectiveEdward Noble8/12/18019/30/18013/
Transcribed: Edgar HuntleyCharles Brockden BrownVolume 29/30/180110/9/1801
Transcribed: Edgar HuntleyCharles Brockden BrownVolume 39/30/180110/9/1801
Transcribed: Edgar HuntleyCharles Brockden BrownVolume 19/30/180110/9/1801
Transcribed: Campers Lect.George Campbell10/17/180110/26/1801
Transcribed: Carvers Travels AmJonathan Carver10/27/180110/29/1801
Transcribed: "Jonathan Carver10/29/180110/29/1801
Transcribed: Nobles PerspectEdward Noble7/29/18029/2/18022/
Transcribed: Gerard on TasteAlexander Gerard9/3/18029/29/1802
Transcribed: Life KotesbueAugust von Kotzebue8/1/18038/3/1803
Transcribed: Ac. rendered8/1/18038/3/180346/
Transcribed: Tynian HouseGeorge WalkerVolume 28/3/18038/18/1803
Transcribed: Tynian HouseGeorge WalkerVolume 38/3/18038/18/1803
Transcribed: Tynian HouseGeorge WalkerVolume 48/3/18038/18/1803
Transcribed: Tynian HouseGeorge WalkerVolume 18/3/18038/18/1803
Transcribed: Infidel FatherJane WestVolume 28/19/18038/23/1803
Transcribed: Infidel FatherJane WestVolume 38/19/18038/23/1803
Transcribed: Infidel FatherJane WestVolume 18/19/18038/23/1803
Transcribed: Lyttleton's LettersGeorge LytteltonVolume 18/23/18031/4/1804
Transcribed: Lyttleton's LettersGeorge LytteltonVolume 28/23/18031/4/1804
Transcribed: Postelw DictMalachy Postlethwayt; Jacques Savary des BrûlonsVolume 110/3/180411/2/1804
Transcribed: Plans for ChimneysJohn Wood12/3/180512/31/1805
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