John Woods (1761- 12/16/1816)

Borrowing activity from 8/12/1799 to 9/19/1804.

John Woods (1761, Bedford, Pennsylvania – December 16, 1816, Brunswick County, Virginia) was a United States Representative from Pennsylvania.

He studied law and was admitted to the bar in Washington County, Pennsylvania in December 1783, in Westmoreland County and Fayette County in 1784, in Allegheny County on December 16, 1788, and in Bedford County in 1791.

He practiced extensively in those counties, and assisted in laying out the city of Pittsburgh in 1784. He was a member of the Pennsylvania Senate in 1797, and was elected as a Federalist to the Fourteenth Congress, holding office from March 4, 1815 to December 16, 1816.

However, owing to illness, he never attended sessions. He died in Brunswick County, Virginia, aged 55, in 1816 while on a journey to the South to regain his health.

John's brother Henry Woods was also a U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania.

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Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Gordons Am. War.William GordonVolume 28/12/17998/16/1799
Transcribed: "William GordonVolume 38/16/17998/20/1799
Transcribed: SocratesChristoph Martin WielandVolume 18/20/17998/22/1799
Transcribed: GrandisonSamuel RichardsonVolume 18/22/17998/22/1799
Transcribed: Johnson's PoetsSamuel JohnsonVolume 558/22/17998/26/1799
Transcribed: Sterne's WorksLaurence SterneVolume 48/26/17998/26/1799
Transcribed: Midnight BellFrancis LathomVolume 18/27/17998/27/1799
Transcribed: Alf Von Duel.Benedikte NaubertVolume 111/9/179911/18/1799
Transcribed: Midnight BellFrancis LathomVolume 212/18/179912/24/1799
Transcribed: "Francis LathomVolume 112/24/179912/28/1799
Transcribed: Langh. Plut.John Langhorne; William Langhorne; PlutarchVolume 312/28/17991/9/1800
Transcribed: "John Langhorne; William Langhorne; PlutarchVolume 41/9/18001/20/1800
Transcribed: "John Langhorne; William Langhorne; PlutarchVolume 11/20/18001/31/1800
Transcribed: "John Langhorne; William Langhorne; PlutarchVolume 21/31/18002/15/1800
Transcribed: "John Langhorne; William Langhorne; PlutarchVolume 52/15/18003/5/1800
Transcribed: Gordons Am. WarWilliam GordonVolume 13/5/18003/20/1800
Transcribed: "William GordonVolume 24/22/18005/21/1800
Transcribed: Millotts Hist.Abbé Claude François Xavier MillotVolume 16/2/18007/11/18002/4
Transcribed: "Abbé Claude François Xavier MillotVolume 27/24/18008/11/1800
Transcribed: Davis RecherchesSir Humphry Davy8/6/18018/7/1801
Transcribed: Bolingbrokes WorksHenry BolingbrokeVolume 18/7/18018/15/1801
Transcribed: Bruces Travels (ab)James Bruce8/15/18018/29/1801
Transcribed: Biographic AnecdotesJohn AlmonVolume 18/29/18019/9/1801
Transcribed: "John AlmonVolume 29/9/18019/19/1801
Transcribed: "John AlmonVolume 39/19/180110/9/1801
Transcribed: Peryouses VoyageJean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 111/5/180111/26/1801
Transcribed: Lex MercatoriaWyndham BeawesVolume 111/28/180112/14/1801
Transcribed: Port & Dict VoyageNathaniel Portlock12/19/18011/9/1802
Transcribed: BuffonGeorges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 91/9/18021/27/1802
Transcribed: Edinb. Repository1/27/18022/10/1802
Transcribed: Turnbulls ConnectBenjamin Trumbull2/10/18022/24/1802
Transcribed: New Ann. Register 1800Volume 18002/24/18023/5/1802
Transcribed: Asiatic A RegVolume 13/5/18023/29/18026d
Transcribed: Hearon's JourneySamuel Hearne3/29/18024/8/18026d
Transcribed: Zim. SolitudeJohann Georg Zimmermann4/8/18024/19/18026d
Transcribed: N. PrideJohann Georg Zimmermann; Samuel Hull Wilcocke4/19/18025/6/18026d
Transcribed: Europ MagVolume 403/4/18033/24/18036d
Transcribed: Staunton's ChinaSir George StauntonVolume 13/24/18034/18/18038d
Transcribed: "Sir George StauntonVolume 24/18/18035/12/18036d
Transcribed: Giffords F RevolJohn Gifford5/12/18036/11/18036d
Transcribed: "John Gifford6/11/18037/11/18036d
Transcribed: "John Gifford7/11/18037/11/1803
Transcribed: Barrows TravelsJohn Barrow7/11/18037/30/1803
Transcribed: "John Barrow7/30/18038/11/1803
Transcribed: Europ. Mag1/14/18041/14/1804
Transcribed: Monthly Mag.Volume 121/14/18041/20/1804
Transcribed: Monthly MirrorVolume 131/20/18042/2/1804
Transcribed: D'Non's TravelsVivant DenonVolume 12/2/18042/11/1804
Transcribed: "Vivant DenonVolume 22/11/18043/1/1804
Transcribed: "Vivant DenonVolume 33/1/18043/26/18048d
Transcribed: Sporting MagVolume 183/26/18044/4/1804
Transcribed: Modern EuropeWilliam RussellVolume 14/4/18044/20/1804
Transcribed: "William RussellVolume 24/20/18045/2/1804
Transcribed: "William RussellVolume 35/2/18045/18/1804
Transcribed: "William RussellVolume 45/18/18045/29/1804
Transcribed: [illeg] Mag 5/29/18046/22/18046d
Transcribed: Encyclop Brit.Volume 76/22/18047/19/1804
Transcribed: Humes EnglandDavid HumeVolume 67/19/18048/15/1804
Transcribed: Humes EnglandDavid HumeVolume 77/19/18048/15/1804
Transcribed: Modern EuropeWilliam RussellVolume 57/19/18047/19/1804
Transcribed: Europ Mag.Volume 408/15/18048/29/1804
Transcribed: Lady & Gentle Mag.Volume 18/29/18049/6/1804
Transcribed: "Volume 29/6/18049/19/1804
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