John J. Watts

Borrowing activity from 8/9/1799 to 5/4/1804.
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John J. Watts Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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John J. Watts Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: LavaterLavaterVolume 28/9/17998/14/1799
Transcribed: Robinsons ProofsSeth Payson8/14/17998/27/1799
Transcribed: ItalianAnn Ward RadcliffeVolume 18/27/17998/29/1799
Transcribed: History FranceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 28/29/17998/29/1799
Transcribed: History FranceCharles John Ann HerefordVolume 411/25/179912/20/1799
Transcribed: History RussiaVoltaire12/20/179912/20/1799
Transcribed: Goldsmiths EnglandOliver GoldsmithVolume 11/9/18001/15/1800
Transcribed: "Oliver GoldsmithVolume 21/15/18001/27/1800
Transcribed: "Oliver GoldsmithVolume 31/27/18002/5/1800
Transcribed: "Oliver GoldsmithVolume 42/5/18002/14/1800
Transcribed: Theob ShespreareWilliam ShakespeareVolume 52/14/18002/24/1800
Transcribed: Castagones SketchesArthur William CostiganVolume 12/24/18002/27/1800
Transcribed: "Arthur William CostiganVolume 22/27/18003/4/1800
Transcribed: Voltaires Ch XIIVoltaire3/4/18003/11/1800
Transcribed: Robertsons Ch VWilliam RobertsonVolume 13/11/18003/18/1800
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 23/18/18003/22/1800
Transcribed: Josephus WorksFlavius Josephus3/22/18005/19/1800
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 33/22/18003/22/1800
Transcribed: Hutchisons InquiryFrancis Hutcheson5/19/18005/24/1800
Transcribed: Thomsons Sp G Hist.George Thomson5/24/18006/17/1800
Transcribed: " "George Thomson6/17/18006/24/1800
Transcribed: Antenor's TravelsEtienne François de Lantier6/24/18006/28/1800
Transcribed: Stauntons EmbassySir George StauntonVolume 16/28/18007/21/18004d
Transcribed: "Sir George StauntonVolume 27/21/18008/9/1800
Transcribed: "Sir George StauntonVolume 28/9/18008/18/1800
Transcribed: Pleasures HopeThomas Campbell8/18/18009/8/18004d
Transcribed: Ramsays Am WarDavid RamsayVolume 19/16/180010/3/1800
Transcribed: Theob ShakespWilliam ShakespeareVolume 710/3/180010/21/1800
Transcribed: Turkish EmpireVincent MignotVolume 110/24/180011/3/1800
Transcribed: "Vincent MignotVolume 411/3/180011/21/1800
Transcribed: Batavia IllustOnslow BurrishVolume 211/21/180012/3/1800
Transcribed: Bulfields EssidVolume 13/31/18015/1/1801
Transcribed: Modern EuropeWilliam RussellVolume 26/19/18017/9/1801
Transcribed: "William RussellVolume 27/10/18018/3/1801
Transcribed: "William RussellVolume 38/8/18018/14/1801
Transcribed: Man feelingHenry Mackenzie10/29/180111/14/1801
Transcribed: Johnson's PoetsSamuel JohnsonVolume 556/7/18027/1/1802
Transcribed: Townsens TravelsRobert Townson7/6/18027/29/1802
Transcribed: Act rendered7/29/180286/8
Transcribed: Soldier BoyVolume 27/29/18028/4/1802
Transcribed: Soldier BoyVolume 37/29/18028/4/1802
Transcribed: Soldier BoyVolume 17/29/18028/4/1802
Transcribed: ZelucoJohn MooreVolume 18/9/18028/23/1802
Transcribed: ZelucoJohn MooreVolume 28/9/18028/23/1802
Transcribed: Southeys SebaldaRobert SoutheyVolume 210/22/180211/19/1802
Transcribed: Southeys SebaldaRobert SoutheyVolume 110/22/180211/19/1802
Transcribed: "Robert SoutheyVolume 211/19/180212/8/1802
Transcribed: "Robert SoutheyVolume 111/19/180212/8/1802
Transcribed: "Robert SoutheyVolume 212/8/180212/31/1802
Transcribed: "Robert SoutheyVolume 112/8/180212/31/1802
Transcribed: Newton ProphThomas NewtonVolume 24/28/18045/4/1804
Transcribed: Johnson on PropheSamuel Johnson Volume 14/30/18044/30/1804
Transcribed: Johnson on PropheSamuel Johnson Volume 24/30/18044/30/1804
Transcribed: Newton ProphThomas NewtonVolume 15/4/18045/4/1804
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