Cornelius Stevenson (4/4/1738 - ????)

Borrowing activity from 8/14/1789 to 1/30/1791.
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Cornelius Stevenson Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Circulation Activity
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Cornelius Stevenson Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: N.A. RegisterVolume 17808/14/17899/4/1789Self
Transcribed: N. Annuall RegisterVolume 178411/20/178912/9/1789
Transcribed: New Annual RegisterVolume 178411/20/178912/9/1789
Transcribed: "Volume 178512/9/178912/30/1789
Transcribed: "Volume 178612/30/17891/18/1790
Transcribed: "Volume 17871/18/17902/5/1790
Transcribed: Hist. RussiaVoltaire2/10/17902/19/1790
Transcribed: Cook's LifeAndrew Kippis2/19/17903/8/1790
Transcribed: Robertson's Charles 5thWilliam RobertsonVolume 13/8/17903/15/1790
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 23/15/17903/19/1790
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 33/19/17904/7/1790
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 44/7/17904/26/1790
Transcribed: CaribbeanaSamuel KeimerVolume 111/30/179012/24/1790
Transcribed: "Samuel KeimerVolume 21/20/17911/30/1791
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