Charles Startin

Borrowing activity from 3/28/1791 to 7/27/1805.
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Charles Startin Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Charles Startin Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Lady LuxboroughBaroness Henrietta Knight Luxborough3/28/17914/5/1791
Transcribed: LavaterLavaterVolume 14/5/17914/20/1791
Transcribed: Johnsons JourneySamuel JohnsonVolume 24/20/17915/6/17912p
Transcribed: LavaterLavaterVolume 35/6/17916/2/17911p
Transcribed: Beauties MagVolume 36/2/17916/11/1791
Transcribed: Gerard on TasteAlexander Gerard6/11/17916/28/17913p
Transcribed: Citizen WorldOliver GoldsmithVolume 16/28/17917/8/1791
Transcribed: Ency BVolume 87/8/17918/5/1791
Transcribed: " No. 372 Volume 48/6/17919/16/1791
Transcribed: Nugent ItalyPierre Jean GrosleyVolume 19/16/17919/26/1791
Transcribed: Hartly housePhoebe Gibbes9/26/179110/7/1791
Transcribed: Lisle InconnuM. (Guillaume) GrivelVolume 110/9/179111/12/1791
Transcribed: Consetts tourMatthew Consett11/8/179111/12/1791
Transcribed: Life CiceroConyers MiddletonVolume 111/8/179111/8/1791
Transcribed: Bath PoemsLady Anna Riggs MillerVolume 111/12/179111/16/1791
Transcribed: Virtuous VillagersJohn PotterVolume 111/16/179111/21/1791
Transcribed: Herberts lifeEdward Herbert, Baron Herbert of Cherbury11/21/179111/29/1791
Transcribed: ClassicsVolume 411/29/179112/14/1791
Transcribed: Kings worksWilliam KingVolume 112/14/17911/7/1792
Transcribed: Mills on CattleJohn Mills1/7/17921/26/1792
Transcribed: Hartly HousePhoebe Gibbes1/28/17922/8/1792
Transcribed: Lady EncyJohn SeallyVolume 22/8/17923/6/1792
Transcribed: Rowes LettersElizabeth Singer Rowe3/6/17923/26/17926p
Transcribed: Percys reliquesThomas PercyVolume 13/26/17924/3/1792
Transcribed: King Charles 2ndKing of England Charles IVolume 24/3/17924/16/1792
Transcribed: BeeJames AndersonVolume 14/16/17924/22/1792
Transcribed: "James AndersonVolume 24/22/17925/2/1792
Transcribed: Knox W EveningsVicesimus KnoxVolume 12/4/18002/12/1800
Transcribed: Knox W EveningsVicesimus KnoxVolume 22/4/18002/12/1800
Transcribed: BuffonGeorges Louis Leclerc, Comte de BuffonVolume 13/6/18003/27/1800
Transcribed: Mavors VoyagesWilliam Fordyce MavorVolume 139/5/180010/13/18002/
Transcribed: Sonninis Travels4/29/18015/23/1801
Transcribed: Life Catharine IIJ. Castéra; William Tooke5/23/18016/18/180110d
Transcribed: "J. Castéra; William TookeVolume 26/18/18016/26/1801
Transcribed: "J. Castéra; William TookeVolume 36/27/18017/2/1801
Transcribed: Coxes Life WalpoleWilliam CoxeVolume 21/7/18021/17/1802
Transcribed: Blairs SermonsHugh BlairVolume 31/11/18021/11/1802
Transcribed: Johnson's PoetsSamuel JohnsonVolume 551/11/18021/25/1802
Transcribed: Travels in AfricaJohn Barrow1/30/18022/8/1802
Transcribed: Studies NatureJacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-PierreVolume 12/8/18022/24/1802
Transcribed: London ReviewVolume 32/24/18023/4/1802
Transcribed: Monthly ReviewVolume 333/4/18023/18/1802
Transcribed: Southeys LettersRobert Southey3/24/18024/2/1802Hill
Transcribed: Jones WorksWilliam JonesVolume 44/7/18024/13/1802
Transcribed: "William JonesVolume 34/13/18024/19/1802
Transcribed: "William JonesVolume 24/19/18024/22/1802
Transcribed: "William JonesVolume 14/22/18024/28/1802
Transcribed: "William JonesVolume 54/28/18025/3/1802
Transcribed: Pratts GleaningsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 15/3/18025/4/1802
Transcribed: Jones WorksWilliam JonesVolume 65/10/18025/24/1802
Transcribed: Pratts GleaningsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 25/24/18025/25/1802
Transcribed: "Samuel Jackson PrattVolume 35/25/18026/15/1802
Transcribed: Barrow on Educat.William BarrowVolume 211/30/180212/7/1802
Transcribed: Rumfords 10th EssayBenjamin Rumford12/15/18021/27/18032/5
Transcribed: "Benjamin Rumford1/27/18032/5/1803
Transcribed: Domestic Encyclop.Anthony WillichVolume 12/15/18033/10/1803
Transcribed: Rumfords EssaysBenjamin RumfordVolume 33/25/18034/11/1803Van Solen
Transcribed: "Benjamin RumfordVolume 35/13/18036/1/1803
Transcribed: Montiqu's WorksCharles de Secondat baron de MontesquieuVolume 11/14/18042/1/18044d
Transcribed: Ramsays PhilosophyAndrew Michael RamsayVolume 12/1/18042/17/1804
Transcribed: Montiqu's WorksCharles de Secondat baron de MontesquieuVolume 32/17/18042/23/1804
Transcribed: "Charles de Secondat baron de MontesquieuVolume 22/23/18043/8/1804
Transcribed: "Charles de Secondat baron de MontesquieuVolume 53/8/18043/8/1804
Transcribed: Maria di FrureyMaria De Fleury; Richard Lee11/23/180412/4/1804
Transcribed: Morrices Art TeachDavid Morrice12/4/180412/4/1804
Transcribed: Mores WorksHannah MoreVolume 21/11/18051/26/1805
Transcribed: Modern PhilosophersVolume 21/26/18051/30/1805
Transcribed: Modern PhilosophersVolume 11/26/18051/30/1805
Transcribed: Modern PhilosophersVolume 31/26/18051/30/1805
Transcribed: Village PastorAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 22/1/18052/15/1805
Transcribed: Village PastorAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 32/1/18052/15/1805
Transcribed: Village PastorAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 42/1/18052/15/1805
Transcribed: Village PastorAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 12/1/18052/15/1805
Transcribed: "August Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 22/15/18053/5/18052/4
Transcribed: "August Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 32/15/18053/5/18052/4
Transcribed: "August Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 42/15/18053/5/18052/4
Transcribed: "August Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 12/15/18053/5/18052/4
Transcribed: Modern PhilosophersVolume 23/5/18053/19/1805
Transcribed: Modern PhilosophersVolume 13/5/18053/19/1805
Transcribed: Modern PhilosophersVolume 33/5/18053/19/1805
Transcribed: HygeiaThomas BeddoesVolume 13/19/18053/27/1805
Transcribed: Pratts GleaningsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 15/8/18055/10/1805
Transcribed: Barrowns ChinaJohn Barrow5/10/18057/27/18055/
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