Charles Smith (1768-1808)

Borrowing activity from 11/14/1791 to 12/28/1805.

Charles Smith (1715–1762) was an Irish topographer and writer.

He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He qualified as a doctor and practised as an apothecary in Dungarvan, County Waterford.

In the 1730s, along with Walter Harris he discussed a scheme to compile and publish histories of all the Irish counties. The first of these, a history of County Down, jointly edited by Walter Harris and Charles Smith, was printed in 1744. Waterford and Cork followed, but then the society funding the venture broke up, so that he alone carried through the final volume, Kerry, in 1756.

From the 1730s he was involved with the Physico-Historical Society and the Royal Dublin Society, both societies with similar aims, along with such luminaries as Robert Jocelyn, Dr. Samuel Madden, the philanthropist; Thomas Prior, the founder of the Royal Dublin Society; John Rutty the physician and naturalist; John Lodge, author of Peerage of Ireland and Walter Harris.

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Charles Smith Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: HawksworthJohn HawkesworthVolume 111/14/179111/18/1791
Transcribed: "John HawkesworthVolume 211/21/179111/28/1791
Transcribed: Descript ChinaJ. B. GrosierVolume 111/28/179112/1/1791
Transcribed: "J. B. GrosierVolume 212/1/179112/8/1791
Transcribed: Sparrmans VoyageAnders SparrmanVolume 112/8/179112/12/1791
Transcribed: "Anders Sparrman12/12/179112/19/1791
Transcribed: Robt ScotlandWilliam RobertsonVolume 112/19/179112/29/1791
Transcribed: Dutch EmbassyAndreas Everardus van Braam HouckgeestVolume 110/10/180010/15/1800
Transcribed: "Andreas Everardus van Braam HouckgeestVolume 210/15/180010/20/1800
Transcribed: La Peryouse VoyageJean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 17/21/18018/22/18012/10
Transcribed: La Peryouse VoyageJean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 27/21/18018/22/18012/10
Transcribed: "Jean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 28/22/18019/3/1801
Transcribed: "Jean-François de Galaup La PérouseVolume 39/3/18019/17/1801
Transcribed: Modern EuropeWilliam RussellVolume 312/21/18011/6/1802
Transcribed: Vancouvers VoyageGeorge VancouverVolume 11/6/18021/25/1802
Transcribed: "George VancouverVolume 21/25/18022/13/1802
Transcribed: "George VancouverVolume 32/13/18023/8/1802
Transcribed: Mear's VoyageJohn MearesVolume 13/8/18023/20/1802
Transcribed: "John MearesVolume 23/20/18024/5/1802
Transcribed: Bartoleomos Voyagea S. Bartholomaeo Paulinus4/5/18026/25/1802
Transcribed: Brownes TravelsEdward Brown7/2/18027/23/1802
Transcribed: Welds TravelsIsaac WeldVolume 17/23/18028/19/18022/
Transcribed: Welds TravelsIsaac WeldVolume 27/23/18028/19/18022/
Transcribed: Bruce MemoirsPeter Henry Bruce8/19/18029/1/1802
Transcribed: Rumfords EssaysBenjamin RumfordVolume 19/1/18029/14/1802
Transcribed: Essay on Colonizat.Carl Bernhard Wadström9/14/18029/29/1802
Transcribed: Campbells TravelsDonald Campbell9/29/180210/5/1802
Transcribed: Antenors TravelsEtienne François de LantierVolume 110/5/180210/13/1802
Transcribed: Dialogues Educat.David FordyceVolume 110/13/180210/18/1802
Transcribed: "David FordyceVolume 210/18/180210/19/1802
Transcribed: Struve on EducationChristian August Struve10/19/180210/30/1802
Transcribed: Taylor's TravelsJohn TaylorVolume 110/30/180211/6/1802
Transcribed: "John TaylorVolume 211/6/180211/8/1802
Transcribed: Edinb. Repository11/8/180211/30/1802
Transcribed: Herons JourneyRobert HeronVolume 211/30/180212/30/18023/
Transcribed: Herons JourneyRobert HeronVolume 111/30/180212/30/18023/
Transcribed: Jefferson's NotesThomas Jefferson12/30/18021/14/1803
Transcribed: Antiquities ScotlandAdam de Cardonnel1/14/18031/22/1803
Transcribed: Chenier's MoroccoLouis de ChénierVolume 21/29/18032/4/1803
Transcribed: Mavor's VoyagesWilliam Fordyce MavorVolume 102/4/18032/21/1803
Transcribed: London PolicePatrick Colquhoun2/21/18033/15/18032d
Transcribed: Staverinus VoyageJohan Splinter StavorinusVolume 13/15/18033/26/1803
Transcribed: "Johan Splinter StavorinusVolume 23/26/18034/19/18036d
Transcribed: "Johan Splinter StavorinusVolume 34/19/18035/9/18036d
Transcribed: Hanway's TravelsJonas HanwayVolume 15/9/18036/8/18036d
Transcribed: Stedman's Am WarCharles SmithVolume 17/16/18037/20/1803
Transcribed: "Charles SmithVolume 27/20/18038/4/1803
Transcribed: "Charles SmithVolume 211/10/180311/29/1803
Transcribed: Robertons ScotlandWilliam RobertsonVolume 111/29/180312/5/1803
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 212/5/180312/20/1803
Transcribed: Acerbis TravelsGiuseppe AcerbiVolume 112/30/18031/17/1804
Transcribed: Andersons IndustryJames AndersonVolume 11/17/18041/25/1804
Transcribed: "James AndersonVolume 21/25/18042/1/1804
Transcribed: Bissetts George IIIGeorge BissetVolume 15/1/18048/21/1804
Transcribed: "George BissetVolume 38/21/18048/28/1804
Transcribed: "George BissetVolume 48/28/18049/4/1804
Transcribed: "George BissetVolume 69/4/18049/27/18044d
Transcribed: Bissetts Life BurkeRobert BissetVolume 19/27/180410/3/1804
Transcribed: "Robert BissetVolume 210/3/180410/13/1804
Transcribed: Hornnamans TravelsFriedrich Hornemann10/13/180410/17/1804
Transcribed: Volneys Am.Constantin-François de Chasseboeuf de Volney10/17/180411/10/1804
Transcribed: History Pensy11/10/180411/26/1804
Transcribed: McArthurs CourtsJohn McArthur11/26/180412/3/1804
Transcribed: Philosop. TransactRoyal Society (Great Britain)Volume 412/3/180412/17/1804
Transcribed: "Royal Society (Great Britain)Volume 512/17/180412/17/1804
Transcribed: Robertsons AmericaWilliam RobertsonVolume 13/15/18054/1/1805
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 24/1/18054/17/1805
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 34/17/18054/22/1805
Transcribed: " Charles VWilliam RobertsonVolume 14/22/18054/30/1805
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 24/30/18055/20/1805
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 35/20/18055/27/1805
Transcribed: Percivals CylonRobert Percival5/27/18056/3/1805
Transcribed: Tuckeys VoyageJames Hingston Tuckey8/17/18058/20/1805
Transcribed: AnacharsisJ.-J. (Jean-Jacques) BarthélemyVolume 28/20/18058/24/1805
Transcribed: Kotesbues ExileAugust von KotzebueVolume 28/24/18058/31/1805
Transcribed: Roderick RandomTobias George SmollettVolume 18/31/180511/4/1805
Transcribed: Roderick RandomTobias George SmollettVolume 28/31/180511/4/1805
Transcribed: Payleys PhilosophyWilliam Paley11/4/180512/4/18052/6
Transcribed: Barres BonaparteWilliam Vincent Barré12/4/180512/28/18056d
Transcribed: Turkey's VoyageJames Hingston Tuckey12/28/1805
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