Lewis Allaire Scott (2/11/1759 - 3/17/1798)

Borrowing activity from 11/13/1789 to 5/1/1792.

Lewis Allaire Scott (February 11, 1759 – March 17, 1798) was an American politician.

Lewis Allaire Scott Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Circulation Activity
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Lewis Allaire Scott Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: ArundleRichard CumberlandVolume 111/13/178911/16/1789
Transcribed: SylphGeorgiana Spencer Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire11/16/178911/16/1789
Transcribed: ArpasiaRichard ClarkeVolume 111/16/178911/18/1789
Transcribed: ArundelRichard CumberlandVolume 211/18/178911/20/1789
Transcribed: ArundelRichard CumberlandVolume 211/18/178911/20/1789
Transcribed: EmmelineCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 111/20/178911/25/1789
Transcribed: EmmelineCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 111/20/178911/25/1789
Transcribed: "Charlotte Turner SmithVolume 211/25/178912/4/1789
Transcribed: EvelinaFanny BurneyVolume 112/4/178912/7/1789
Transcribed: "Fanny BurneyVolume 212/7/178912/11/1789
Transcribed: EmiliaMrs. Burke12/11/178912/16/1789
Transcribed: ElaMrs. Burke12/16/178912/18/1789
Transcribed: Platonic GuardianMrs. Johnson12/18/178912/21/1789
Transcribed: IndependentAndrew M'Donald12/21/178912/23/1789
Transcribed: Citizen of WorldOliver GoldsmithVolume 112/23/17891/13/17907p
Transcribed: "Oliver GoldsmithVolume 21/13/17901/25/1790
Transcribed: CarolineThomas Holcroft; Isabelle de Montolieu Volume 11/25/17901/27/1790
Transcribed: "Thomas Holcroft; Isabelle de Montolieu Volume 21/27/17901/29/1790
Transcribed: Ossian's PoemsJames MacphersonVolume 11/29/17902/12/1790
Transcribed: "James MacphersonVolume 22/12/17902/22/1790
Transcribed: Irish GuardianLadyVolume 12/22/17902/24/1790
Transcribed: Fair SyrianRobert BageVolume 12/24/17902/26/1790
Transcribed: "Robert BageVolume 22/26/17902/28/1790
Transcribed: Man of FeelingHenry Mackenzie3/3/17903/3/1790
Transcribed: G. Ann BellamyGeorge Anne BellamyVolume 13/3/17903/9/1790
Transcribed: "George Anne BellamyVolume 23/9/17903/10/1790
Transcribed: E. MortimerAlbinia Gwynn3/10/17903/12/1790
Transcribed: Lyttleton WorksGeorge Lyttelton3/12/17903/22/1790
Transcribed: ArundelRichard CumberlandVolume 13/22/17903/23/1790
Transcribed: "Richard CumberlandVolume 23/24/17903/29/1790
Transcribed: Piozzi's JourneyHester Lynch Piozzi3/29/17904/26/1790
Transcribed: MatildaLadyVolume 14/26/17904/29/1790
Transcribed: "LadyVolume 24/29/17904/30/1790
Transcribed: "LadyVolume 34/30/17905/11/1790
Transcribed: Edward MortimerAlbinia Gwynn8/9/17908/12/1790
Transcribed: Arabian NightsVolume 18/9/17908/9/1790
Transcribed: Romance Real LifeCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 18/12/17908/13/1790
Transcribed: "Charlotte Turner SmithVolume 28/13/17908/16/1790
Transcribed: Caterby LettersMarie Jeanne de Heurles Laboras de Mezières Riccoboni; Frances Moore Brooke8/16/17908/18/1790
Transcribed: ConnoisseurGeorge ColmanVolume 18/18/17908/19/1790
Transcribed: Female SpectatorEliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 18/19/17908/27/1790
Transcribed: "Eliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 28/27/17909/2/1790
Transcribed: "Eliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 39/2/17909/7/1790
Transcribed: "Eliza Fowler HaywoodVolume 49/7/17909/8/1790
Transcribed: Female StabilityCharlotte PalmerVolume 19/8/17909/9/1790
Transcribed: "Charlotte PalmerVolume 29/9/17909/11/1790
Transcribed: "Charlotte PalmerVolume 39/11/17909/13/1790
Transcribed: "Charlotte PalmerVolume 49/13/17909/14/1790
Transcribed: Interesting MemoirsElizabeth KeirVolume 19/14/17909/16/1790
Transcribed: "Elizabeth KeirVolume 29/16/17909/21/1790
Transcribed: Dean ColerainAbbé PrévostVolume 19/21/17909/22/1790
Transcribed: "Abbé PrévostVolume 29/22/17909/29/1790
Transcribed: "Abbé PrévostVolume 39/29/17909/30/1790
Transcribed: Edw. Hist. of RedemptionJonathan Edwards9/30/179012/6/1790
Transcribed: Julia MandevilleFrances Moore Brooke12/6/179012/9/1790
Transcribed: Marriage ActJohn ShebbeareVolume 112/10/179012/11/1790
Transcribed: Guthrie's GrammerWilliam Guthrie12/11/17901/15/17912s/6p
Transcribed: " conWilliam Guthrie1/15/17912/7/17914p
Transcribed: Wom. FashionPhoebe GibbesVolume 12/7/17912/9/1791
Transcribed: "Phoebe GibbesVolume 22/9/17912/9/1791
Transcribed: Brydone's TourPatrick BrydoneVolume 12/12/17913/5/1791
Transcribed: Philosophy of PassionsJean-François SenaultVolume 17/25/17917/28/1791
Transcribed: Piozzi's JourneyHester Lynch Piozzi7/28/17918/16/1791
Transcribed: Moore's ItalyJohn MooreVolume 110/20/179111/4/17912p
Transcribed: " conJohn MooreVolume 111/4/179111/21/1791
Transcribed: "John MooreVolume 211/21/17914/6/179219s/6p
Transcribed: Select. Dram. PiecesRichard Paul Jodrell4/6/17924/11/1792
Transcribed: Baretti's TravelsGiuseppe Marco Antonio BarettiVolume 14/11/17925/1/1792
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