Comfort Sands (2/26/1748 - 9/22/1834)

Borrowing activity from 10/1/1791 to 4/28/1792.

Comfort Sands (1748 in Cow Neck, Long Island – 1834) was an American merchant, banker and politician.

Comfort Sands Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Circulation Activity
Books by subject area
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Comfort Sands Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Annl. RegRobert DodsleyVolume 178610/1/179110/4/1791
Transcribed: Forrests VoyageThomas Forrest10/4/179112/10/1791
Transcribed: Bacons WorksFrancis BaconVolume 112/10/179112/15/1791
Transcribed: Robt. AmericaWilliam RobertsonVolume 112/15/179112/24/1791
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 212/24/17911/4/1792
Transcribed: "William RobertsonVolume 31/4/17921/17/1792
Transcribed: Ency BritVolume 21/17/17921/20/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 61/20/17922/2/1792
Transcribed: Ency BVolume 72/2/17922/8/1792
Transcribed: Guthries CiceroWilliam Guthrie; Marcus Tullius CiceroVolume 12/8/17922/14/1792
Transcribed: Clinton & CornwallasHenry Clinton2/14/17922/16/1792
Transcribed: Julia de RoubigneHenry MackenzieVolume 12/16/17922/18/1792
Transcribed: Ency B.Volume 82/18/17922/20/1792
Transcribed: Addisons Mis WorksJoseph AddisonVolume 12/20/17922/23/1792
Transcribed: "Joseph Addison2/23/17922/25/1792
Transcribed: Ladys EncyJohn Seally2/25/17922/28/1792
Transcribed: Gillies IsoresLysias2/28/17923/9/1792
Transcribed: Spelmans XenophonXenophon.Volume 13/9/17923/10/1792
Transcribed: 72 Interpreters3/10/17923/14/1792
Transcribed: BeeJames Anderson3/14/17923/20/1792
Transcribed: Spencer on prodigiesJohn Spencer 3/20/17923/23/1792
Transcribed: QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 13/27/17923/30/1792
Transcribed: "Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 23/30/17924/6/1792
Transcribed: RecessSophia LeeVolume 14/6/17924/10/1792
Transcribed: Lit MagVolume 24/10/17924/10/1792
Transcribed: RecessSophia LeeVolume 24/12/17924/14/1792
Transcribed: Lon. MagVolume 14/14/17924/15/1792
Transcribed: Gent Mag 1778Volume 484/16/17924/18/1792
Transcribed: Lon. Mag 1764 4/18/17924/19/1792
Transcribed: " 1765 4/19/17924/23/1792
Transcribed: Cottons WorksCharles Cotton4/23/17924/26/1792
Transcribed: Pitts VirgilVirgilVolume 14/26/17924/27/1792
Transcribed: Newtonian Philo:Francesco AlgarottiVolume 14/27/17924/28/1792
Transcribed: Trenk - X Friedrich Freiherr von der Trenck4/28/1792
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