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Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Nancy Ivers10/22/179910/29/1799Nature & Art
John Ireland11/14/179911/28/1799Nature & Art
Robert Heaton12/6/179912/13/1799Nature & Art
Archibald Robertson12/13/179912/13/1799Nautre & Art
John R.B. Rogers3/11/18003/13/1800Notable Things
John R.B. Rogers3/18/18003/21/1800Notable Things
John Moore4/28/18005/20/1800Nature & Art
John Moore5/20/18005/20/1800Nature & Art
George Hunter5/20/18005/28/1800Nature & Art
John H. Sickles5/29/18005/30/1800Nature & Art
William Fox6/16/18006/21/1800Notable Things
Matthew Daniel6/21/18007/8/18003dNotable Things
Richard N. HarisonVolume 16/26/18007/6/1800Nature & Art
John Moore7/11/18007/12/1800Nature & Art
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 17/24/18007/25/1800Nature & Art
Thomas Cooper8/1/18008/11/1800Nature & Art
Charles Wilkes8/26/18008/27/1800Nature & Art
John RemsenVolume 19/12/18009/12/1800Nature & Art
Benjamin A. Egbert9/17/18009/18/1800Notable Things
John McLaren9/18/180010/13/180011dNotable Things
Henry Kunze9/24/18009/25/1800Nature & Art
Rebecca Laight10/23/180010/25/1800Nature & art
Christian Schultz11/20/180011/28/1800Notable Things
Charlotte White1/8/18011/10/1801Notable Things
Townsend Underhill1/16/18011/19/1801Nature & Art
Philip Van Cortlandt1/23/18011/23/1801Nature & Art
Benjamin S. Judah1/24/18011/31/1801Nature and Art
Abraham Legget2/4/18012/11/1801Notable Things
Hamilton Stewart2/12/18012/17/1801Nature & Art
Freeman Clarkson2/20/18012/26/1801Nature & Art
Francis J. Barretto2/27/18013/14/1801Nature & Art
Selah Strong3/4/18013/7/1801Notable Things
Mary R. Provost3/14/18012/27/1801Nature & Art
Peter Irving3/14/18013/17/1801Notable Things
John Bleecker4/16/18014/17/1801Notable Things
Abraham Polhemus4/16/18014/20/1801Nature & Art
Charles Stewart4/23/18015/7/1801Nature & Art
Abraham Legget4/25/18015/4/1801Notable Things
Robert H. Bowne5/25/18015/26/1801Nature and Art
Edward Watkeys5/26/18016/1/1801Nature & Art
Benjamin S. Judah7/25/18017/29/1801Nature and Art
William Strachan8/7/18018/10/1801Nature & Art
Matthew Daniel9/16/180110/1/18011dNotable Things
Selah Strong10/22/180110/24/1801Nature & Art
Selah Strong10/24/180111/11/18014d"
William G. Forbes12/24/180112/26/1801Nature & Art
James Miles Hughes12/26/18011/5/1802Nature & Art
Jacob Wilkins12/26/180112/29/1801Notable Things
John B. Murray1/22/18021/23/1802Notable Things
John McLaren3/3/18023/9/1802Notable Things
George Miller3/29/18024/10/1802Notable Things
Anthony Ackley4/30/18024/30/1802Nature and Art
Isaac Burr6/4/18026/10/1802Nature & Art
Hezekiah Ivers6/30/18027/3/1802Nature & Art
Hezekiah Ivers9/4/18029/7/1802Nature & Art
John G. Glover2/3/18032/7/1803Nature & Art
Robert H. Bowne6/15/18036/22/1803Nature & Art
Gabriel V. Ludlow12/2/180312/14/1803Notable Things
Abraham Brower2/16/18042/22/1804Notable Things
Walter Bowne2/27/18042/29/1804Nature and Art
John Clarke, Jr.2/29/18043/2/1804Nature & Art
Archibald RobertsonVolume 13/15/18043/16/1804Nature & Art
Archibald RobertsonVolume 23/15/18043/16/1804Nature & Art
William Linn3/24/18043/28/1804Nature and Art
Mootrey Kinsey4/4/18044/5/1804Nature & Art
Mootrey Kinsey4/4/18044/5/1804Nature & Art
James Bruen10/8/180410/10/1804Nature & Art
William Neilson10/10/180410/12/1804Nature & Art
Francis L. Harison10/19/180410/20/1804Nature & Art
Israel Wilkes12/5/180412/8/1804Nature & Art
William Linn1/25/18051/26/1805Nature and Art
Israel WilkesVolume 54/5/18054/9/1805Wonders Nat & Art
John TurnerVolume 65/20/18055/28/1805Nature & art
John Dewitt8/14/18058/16/1805Notable Things
John T. Glover8/16/18059/1/18059dNature & Art
Thomas JonesVolume 112/27/18051/3/1806Nature of Art
Thomas JonesVolume 212/27/18051/3/1806Nature of Art
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