Life Voltaire

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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William Henderson9/9/17899/14/1789Monke's Life of Volre.
John G. Leake10/16/178910/19/1789Monck's Voltair
Daniel Crommelin Verplanck10/23/178910/26/1789Monke's Life of Voltair
William Samuel Johnson2/5/17902/10/1790Voltaire's Life
William Cock3/6/17903/17/1790Monks Voltaire
John Swaine3/9/17903/10/1790Monk's Voltaire
Peter Ogilvie4/21/17904/26/1790Monks Voltaire
Cornelius I. Bogart4/30/17905/3/1790Monks Voltaire
Henry Haydock6/14/17906/18/1790Voltaire by Monk
John Cozine7/2/17907/13/1790Life of Voltaire
Isaac L. Kip7/19/17907/27/1790'"'Life Voltaire
Patrick Murdoch8/2/17908/4/1790Monk life of Voltaire
Henry Ten Brook8/26/17908/30/1790Monk Voltaire
Matthew Clarkson9/1/17909/3/1790Monke Voltaire
Israel Wilkes10/12/179010/30/1790Monke's Voltaire
John Parsons10/29/179010/30/1790Monke's Voltaire
John CozineVolume 211/29/179012/10/1790Life Voltaire
John Lamb12/27/17901/5/1791Monks Voltaire
White Matlack1/29/17912/25/17911pMonks Voltaire
John Hone2/26/17913/1/1791Life Voltaire
Samuel Dunscomb3/4/17913/7/1791Life Voltaire
Gilbert Colden Willett3/8/17913/12/1791Monks Voltaire
Martin Hoffman3/22/17913/29/1791Monks Voltaire
Garrett Abeel4/2/17914/4/1791Life of Voltaire
William Turnbull4/18/17914/29/1791Life Voltaire
John Parsons5/23/17915/26/1791Monk's Voltaire
William Samuel Johnson7/15/17917/18/1791Life Voltaire
John B. Prevost11/29/179111/30/1791Life Voltaire
William Linn2/6/17922/16/1792Life Voltaire
Israel WilkesVolume 12/13/17922/28/1792Voltaire French
John Cross2/16/17922/21/1792Life Voltaire
William Bowne2/25/17922/29/1792Voltaire Life
Jonathan Laurance4/7/17924/17/1792Life Voltaire
Philip Mark4/18/17924/30/1792Voltaires life
Joseph Sterlitz4/30/17925/1/1792Life Voltaire
John SeamanVolume 14/22/18024/30/1802Monks Life Voltaire
John Murray Jr.4/16/18034/25/1803Monks Voltaire
Walter Burling7/14/18037/15/1803Monkes Life Voltaire
Benjamin Taylor3/13/18043/14/1804Life Voltaire
Israel Haveland8/27/18048/31/1804Life Voltaire
Samuel Beebee4/4/18054/13/1805Monks Voltaire
John Abraham Denomendie5/17/1805Monk Voltaire
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