Bernard Judah

Borrowing activity from 9/30/1791 to 5/2/1792.
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Bernard Judah Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Bernard Judah Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: CrysalCharles Johnstone9/30/179110/1/1791
Transcribed: Forrest VoyageThomas ForrestVolume 110/1/179110/3/1791
Transcribed: Grose VoyageJohn Henry GroseVolume 110/3/179110/5/1791
Transcribed: CrusoeDaniel DefoeVolume 110/5/179110/7/1791
Transcribed: Forces of LoveNathaniel LeeVolume 110/7/179110/11/1791
Transcribed: "Nathaniel LeeVolume 210/11/179110/12/1791
Transcribed: Fairy talesVolume 210/12/179110/14/1791
Transcribed: FredericVolume 110/14/179110/15/1791
Transcribed: "Volume 210/15/179110/17/1791
Transcribed: Errors NatureB. WalwynVolume 110/17/179110/18/1791
Transcribed: "B. WalwynVolume 310/18/179110/22/1791
Transcribed: Hume EssaysDavid Hume10/22/179110/29/1791
Transcribed: Cooks lifeKippis10/29/179111/3/1791
Transcribed: Hauxworths VoyageJohn HawkesworthVolume 211/3/179111/4/1791
Transcribed: Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 111/4/179111/5/1791
Transcribed: "Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 211/5/179111/8/1791
Transcribed: "Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraVolume 311/8/179111/11/1791
Transcribed: Sandys travelsGeorge Sandys11/11/179111/12/1791
Transcribed: Harris travelsJohn Harris11/12/179111/24/1791
Transcribed: Arabian NightsVolume 211/26/179112/2/1791
Transcribed: Cicero lifeVolume 112/2/179112/3/1791
Transcribed: "Volume 212/3/179112/6/1791
Transcribed: "Volume 312/6/179112/8/1791
Transcribed: Italian NunJean-Jacques Rousseau12/8/179112/9/1791
Transcribed: Henry & FrancisRichard GriffithVolume 612/8/179112/8/1791
Transcribed: School fathers12/9/179112/10/1791
Transcribed: "Volume 212/10/179112/16/1791
Transcribed: "Volume 312/16/179112/19/1791
Transcribed: Sorrows Werter12/19/179112/20/1791
Transcribed: Rowes LettersElizabeth Singer Rowe12/20/179112/22/1791
Transcribed: Effusions fancyJohn LanghorneVolume 112/22/179112/24/1791
Transcribed: "John LanghorneVolume 212/24/179112/28/1791
Transcribed: Philosophy passionsJean-François SenaultVolume 112/28/179112/31/1791
Transcribed: World displayedVolume 1212/31/17911/3/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 71/3/17921/5/1792
Transcribed: Persian talesEdward Button1/5/17921/10/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 181/5/17921/9/1792
Transcribed: Castle MowbrayM. Harley1/10/17921/11/1792
Transcribed: His MexicoAntonio de Solís y Ribadeneyra1/11/17921/12/1792
Transcribed: "Antonio de Solís y Ribadeneyra1/12/17921/14/1792
Transcribed: Virtuous VillagersVolume 11/14/17921/21/1792
Transcribed: ConventAnne FullerVolume 11/21/17921/27/1792
Transcribed: "Anne FullerVolume 21/27/17922/4/1792
Transcribed: Love Letters2/4/17922/6/1792
Transcribed: Dom. MemoirsEnos HitchcockVolume 12/6/17922/11/1792
Transcribed: Fairy TalesVolume 12/11/17922/18/1792
Transcribed: Love LettersVolume 22/18/17922/20/1792
Transcribed: Love & MadnessSir Herbert Croft2/20/17922/21/1792
Transcribed: Recess2/21/17923/3/1792
Transcribed: Ansons VoyagesGeorge Anson; Richard Walter3/6/17923/17/1792
Transcribed: Sol & Almena3/17/17923/24/1792
Transcribed: DinarbasEllis Cornelia Knight3/24/17923/26/1792
Transcribed: Sutton Abby3/26/17924/7/1792
Transcribed: ReverieCharles JohnstoneVolume 14/7/17924/11/1792
Transcribed: E. MontagueFrances Moore BrookeVolume 14/11/17924/16/1792
Transcribed: E. MontagueFrances Moore BrookeVolume 24/11/17924/16/1792
Transcribed: Prince of Abissinia4/16/17924/17/1792
Transcribed: JohnsonSamuel JohnsonVolume 354/17/17924/18/1792
Transcribed: LydiaJohn ShebbeareVolume 24/18/17924/19/1792
Transcribed: Locke EssaysJohn Locke4/19/17924/21/1792
Transcribed: A QuixoteVolume 14/21/17924/23/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 24/23/17924/25/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 34/25/17924/28/1792
Transcribed: "Volume 44/28/17924/30/1792
Transcribed: SpecutatorSpectator4/30/17925/2/1792
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