Horatio Gates (7/26/1728 - 4/10/1806)

Borrowing activity from 6/6/1800 to 1/4/1806.

Horatio Lloyd Gates (July 26, 1727 – April 10, 1806) was a retired British soldier who served as an American general during the Revolutionary War. He took credit for the American victory in the Battles of Saratoga (1777) — a matter of contemporary and historical controversy — and was blamed for the defeat at the Battle of Camden in 1780. Gates has been described as "one of the Revolution's most controversial military figures" because of his role in the Conway Cabal, which attempted to discredit and replace George Washington; the battle at Saratoga; and his actions during and after his defeat at Camden.

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Horatio Gates Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Sporting Mag6/6/18006/11/1806
Transcribed: Oxford's WorksVolume 16/6/18006/11/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 26/11/18007/16/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 310/9/18007/16/1800
Transcribed: "Volume 41/23/18011/30/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 51/30/18012/3/1801
Transcribed: Life Catharine IIJ. CastéraVolume 16/20/1801
Transcribed: "J. CastéraVolume 36/26/18016/27/1801
Transcribed: "J. CastéraVolume 26/27/18017/18/1801
Transcribed: "J. CastéraVolume 37/9/18017/18/1801
Transcribed: Julia & BaronSally Sayward Barrell Keating Wood9/19/18019/19/1801
Transcribed: Memoirs Egypt11/20/180112/12/1801
Transcribed: Roscos MediciWilliam RoscoeVolume 111/20/180111/20/1801
Transcribed: Vancouvers VoyageVolume 112/12/180112/30/1801
Transcribed: " PlatesVolume 112/12/180112/30/1801
Transcribed: " VoyageVolume 212/30/18011/21/1802
Transcribed: "Volume 31/21/18022/3/1802
Transcribed: Life R. WalpoleWilliam CoxeVolume 12/3/18022/24/1802
Transcribed: "William CoxeVolume 12/24/18022/24/1802
Transcribed: Curiosities Literat.Isaac DisraeliVolume 112/4/180212/6/1802
Transcribed: Plain StoryMrs. LeslieVolume 22/7/18032/14/1803
Transcribed: Plain StoryMrs. LeslieVolume 32/7/18032/14/1803
Transcribed: Plain StoryMrs. LeslieVolume 42/7/18032/14/1803
Transcribed: Plain StoryMrs. LeslieVolume 12/7/18032/14/1803
Transcribed: Rumfords EssaysBenjamin RumfordVolume 12/14/18032/21/1803
Transcribed: Monthly Mag.Volume 122/21/18032/26/1803
Transcribed: DelphineMadame de StäelVolume 212/28/18031/14/1804
Transcribed: DelphineMadame de StäelVolume 312/28/18031/14/1804
Transcribed: DelphineMadame de StäelVolume 112/28/18031/14/1804
Transcribed: Wife & MistressMary CharltonVolume 21/24/18042/22/1804
Transcribed: Wife & MistressMary CharltonVolume 31/24/18042/22/1804
Transcribed: Wife & MistressMary CharltonVolume 11/24/18042/22/1804
Transcribed: ReprobateAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 22/22/18043/5/1804
Transcribed: ReprobateAugust Heinrich Julius LafontaineVolume 12/22/18043/5/1804
Transcribed: JulietteWilliam Parnell3/5/18043/12/1804
Transcribed: Two FriendsVolume 23/12/18043/20/1804
Transcribed: Two FriendsVolume 33/12/18043/20/1804
Transcribed: Two FriendsVolume 13/12/18043/20/1804
Transcribed: Belle SavageJames Nelson BarkerVolume 25/7/18046/7/1804
Transcribed: Belle SavageJames Nelson BarkerVolume 15/7/18046/7/1804
Transcribed: PercivalAnne PlumptreVolume 26/24/18046/25/1804
Transcribed: PercivalAnne PlumptreVolume 36/24/18046/25/1804
Transcribed: PercivalAnne PlumptreVolume 46/24/18046/25/1804
Transcribed: PercivalAnne PlumptreVolume 16/24/18046/25/1804
Transcribed: Nothing NewVolume 26/25/18047/5/1804
Transcribed: Nothing NewVolume 36/25/18047/5/1804
Transcribed: Nothing NewVolume 16/25/18047/5/1804
Transcribed: Moss Cliff AbbeyMary-Julia YoungVolume 27/5/18047/16/1804
Transcribed: Moss Cliff AbbeyMary-Julia YoungVolume 17/5/18047/16/1804
Transcribed: Moss Cliff AbbeyMary-Julia YoungVolume 37/5/18047/16/1804
Transcribed: D'Israelis RomancesIsaac Disraeli7/16/18047/18/1804
Transcribed: MicrocosmGregory GriffinVolume 27/18/18048/3/1804
Transcribed: MicrocosmGregory GriffinVolume 37/18/18048/3/1804
Transcribed: MicrocosmGregory GriffinVolume 47/18/18048/3/1804
Transcribed: MicrocosmGregory GriffinVolume 57/18/18048/3/1804
Transcribed: MicrocosmGregory GriffinVolume 17/18/18048/3/1804
Transcribed: Family Switzerl.Anne OrmsbyVolume 28/3/18048/22/1804
Transcribed: Family Switzerl.Anne OrmsbyVolume 18/3/18048/22/1804
Transcribed: Caroline & LindorfBenedikte NaubertVolume 28/22/18049/8/1804
Transcribed: Caroline & LindorfBenedikte NaubertVolume 38/22/18049/8/1804
Transcribed: Caroline & LindorfBenedikte NaubertVolume 18/22/18049/8/1804
Transcribed: Family SecretsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 29/8/18049/22/1804
Transcribed: Family SecretsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 39/8/18049/22/1804
Transcribed: Family SecretsSamuel Jackson PrattVolume 19/8/18049/22/1804
Transcribed: Cobbetts A. RegWilliam CobbettVolume 110/1/180411/17/1804
Transcribed: Solitary WandererCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 210/16/180411/2/1804
Transcribed: Solitary WandererCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 310/16/180411/2/1804
Transcribed: Solitary WandererCharlotte Turner SmithVolume 110/16/180411/2/1804
Transcribed: Cobbetts A. RegWilliam CobbettVolume 211/17/180411/27/1804
Transcribed: Gantz St. EuropeFrederick Gentz11/27/180412/22/1804
Transcribed: Young ExilesStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 212/22/180412/28/1804
Transcribed: Young ExilesStéphanie Félicité, comtesse de GenlisVolume 112/22/180412/28/1804
Transcribed: AugustaVolume 112/28/18041/10/1805
Transcribed: AugustaVolume 212/28/18041/10/1805
Transcribed: AugustaVolume 312/28/18041/10/1805
Transcribed: Blandford RacesVolume 11/10/18051/17/1805
Transcribed: Blandford RacesVolume 21/10/18051/17/1805
Transcribed: Happy ReleaseVolume 21/17/18051/22/1805
Transcribed: Happy ReleaseVolume 31/17/18051/22/1805
Transcribed: Happy ReleaseVolume 11/17/18051/22/1805
Transcribed: JesuitF.C. PatrickVolume 21/22/18051/30/1805
Transcribed: JesuitF.C. PatrickVolume 31/22/18051/30/1805
Transcribed: JesuitF.C. PatrickVolume 11/22/18051/30/1805
Transcribed: Liancourts TravelsFrançois-Alexandre-Frédéric La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt1/30/18052/26/1805
Transcribed: Percivals Ceylon2/26/18052/27/1805
Transcribed: Life MacklinJames Thomas KirkmanVolume 22/27/18053/2/1805
Transcribed: Married LibertineVolume 23/2/18053/7/1805
Transcribed: Married LibertineVolume 13/2/18053/7/1805
Transcribed: SusannaMrs. BullockVolume 23/7/18053/27/1805
Transcribed: SusannaMrs. BullockVolume 13/7/18053/27/1805
Transcribed: Sorrows EdithMrs. BurkeVolume 15/6/18055/11/1805
Transcribed: Sorrows EdithMrs. BurkeVolume 25/6/18055/11/1805
Transcribed: Moral TalesJean-François MarmontelVolume 25/11/18055/18/1805
Transcribed: Moral TalesJean-François MarmontelVolume 15/11/18055/18/1805
Transcribed: Alf Von DeulmanVolume 25/18/18055/25/1805
Transcribed: Alf Von DeulmanVolume 15/18/18055/25/1805
Transcribed: Henerietta BellVolume 25/25/18056/14/1805
Transcribed: Henerietta BellVolume 15/25/18056/14/1805
Transcribed: Life W JonesJohn Shore TeignmouthVolume 15/25/18055/25/1805
Transcribed: Life W JonesJohn Shore TeignmouthVolume 25/25/18055/25/1805
Transcribed: Young Philosop.Charlotte Turner SmithVolume 26/14/18056/28/1805
Transcribed: Young Philosop.Charlotte Turner SmithVolume 16/14/18056/28/1805
Transcribed: Saint AlmeJean Claude GorgyVolume 26/28/18057/3/1805
Transcribed: Saint AlmeJean Claude GorgyVolume 16/28/18057/3/1805
Transcribed: ChaucerVolume 17/3/18057/13/1805
Transcribed: ChaucerVolume 27/3/18057/13/1805
Transcribed: ChaucerVolume 37/3/18057/13/1805
Transcribed: Modern Literat.Robert BissetVolume 27/13/18057/18/1805
Transcribed: Modern Literat.Robert BissetVolume 17/13/18057/18/1805
Transcribed: Modern Literat.Robert BissetVolume 37/13/18057/18/1805
Transcribed: Boccaccios Decam.Giovanni BoccaccioVolume 17/18/18058/5/1805
Transcribed: Boccaccios Decam.Giovanni BoccaccioVolume 27/18/18058/5/1805
Transcribed: Two FriendsVolume 28/5/18058/19/1805
Transcribed: Two FriendsVolume 38/5/18058/19/1805
Transcribed: Two FriendsVolume 18/5/18058/19/1805
Transcribed: Popular TalesVolume 18/19/18058/24/1805
Transcribed: Henerietta BellmanVolume 28/24/18058/26/1805
Transcribed: Henerietta BellmanVolume 18/24/18058/26/1805
Transcribed: House ClarendonVolume 28/26/18058/26/1805
Transcribed: House ClarendonVolume 38/26/18058/26/1805
Transcribed: House ClarendonVolume 18/26/18058/26/1805
Transcribed: Sporting MagVolume 2412/11/18051/4/1806
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