David Gardiner (5/2/1784 - 2/28/1844)

Borrowing activity from 12/3/1800 to 12/27/1805.

David Gardiner ( May 29, 1784 – February 28, 1844) was the father of Julia Gardiner Tyler, second wife of U.S. President John Tyler.

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David Gardiner Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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David Gardiner Library Average
Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: LousiaElizabeth Helme12/3/180012/13/1800
Transcribed: Dispensatory12/13/180012/17/1800
Transcribed: Browne on MusclesJohn Browne12/17/180012/30/1800
Transcribed: Rousseau's ConfessionsJean-Jacques Rousseau12/30/18001/2/1801
Transcribed: Wests PindarGilbert WestVolume 11/2/18011/6/1801
Transcribed: Wests PindarGilbert WestVolume 21/2/18011/6/1801
Transcribed: Wests PindarGilbert WestVolume 31/2/18011/6/1801
Transcribed: Priestley on AirVolume 11/6/18011/24/1801
Transcribed: Hooles TassioJohn Hoole; Torquato TassoVolume 21/24/18011/27/1801
Transcribed: Hooles TassioJohn Hoole; Torquato TassoVolume 11/24/18011/27/1801
Transcribed: " MetastasioJohn HooleVolume 11/27/18011/30/1801
Transcribed: " MetastasioJohn HooleVolume 21/27/18011/30/1801
Transcribed: Ouvres de MalherbeFrançois de MalherbeVolume 21/30/18012/6/1801
Transcribed: Ouvres de MalherbeFrançois de MalherbeVolume 11/30/18012/6/1801
Transcribed: Medical RepositSamuel Latham MitchillVolume 32/14/18012/21/1801
Transcribed: Hooles AriostoLodovico AriostoVolume 22/21/18012/26/1801
Transcribed: Hooles AriostoLodovico AriostoVolume 12/21/18012/26/1801
Transcribed: "Lodovico AriostoVolume 32/26/18012/28/1801
Transcribed: MissiahFriedrich Gottlieb Klopstock2/28/18013/3/1801
Transcribed: Encyclop. Brit.Volume 103/4/18013/4/1801
Transcribed: Encyclop. FrancooisVolume 103/4/18013/11/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 23/11/18013/17/1801
Transcribed: "Volume 23/17/18013/23/1801
Transcribed: Ouvres de VoltaireVoltaireVolume 13/23/18014/4/1801
Transcribed: Miller's G. Dict.Volume 17/24/18018/27/1801
Transcribed: Monthly Mag.Volume 11/9/18022/16/1802
Transcribed: "Volume 82/16/18023/20/1802
Transcribed: Anti JacobinVolume 23/20/18024/13/1802
Transcribed: Edinb. RepositoryVolume 24/13/18026/8/18022/20
Transcribed: Police LondonPatrick Colquhoun6/8/18027/12/1802
Transcribed: Public Charact.Alexander StephensVolume 47/12/18027/12/1802
Transcribed: LoungerHenry MackenzieVolume 47/12/18029/16/18023/2
Transcribed: Philosop. MagVolume 119/16/18029/23/1802
Transcribed: Encyclop. Brit.Volume 59/23/18029/30/1802
Transcribed: Darwins Phylology9/30/180211/13/1802
Transcribed: Anderson Agricult.A. Anderson11/13/180212/10/1802
Transcribed: Mitchell Legislat.Charles Mitchell11/13/180212/10/1802
Transcribed: " on SheepA. Anderson12/10/180212/31/1802
Transcribed: "A. Anderson12/31/180212/31/1802
Transcribed: Varieties Literat.Volume 112/31/18021/13/1803
Transcribed: Anderson Agricult.A. AndersonVolume 12/3/18032/23/1803
Transcribed: Domestic Ency.Anthony WillichVolume 25/25/18036/29/1803
Transcribed: Bordley on Husb.John Beale Bordley6/29/18038/6/1803
Transcribed: Domestic Encyclop.Anthony WillichVolume 412/16/180312/31/1803
Transcribed: "Anthony WillichVolume 212/31/18032/1/1804
Transcribed: "Anthony WillichVolume 22/1/18043/20/1804" 1/ 1/
Transcribed: British HousewifeMartha BradleyVolume 13/20/18043/28/1804
Transcribed: Gentle. MagVolume 193/31/18044/17/1804
Transcribed: Domestic EncyclopAnthony WillichVolume 34/17/18045/14/1804
Transcribed: New An Reg 1798 Volume 17985/14/18046/6/1804
Transcribed: " 99Robert DodsleyVolume 17996/6/18047/23/18042d
Transcribed: Agricult. & Comm.Volume 87/23/18048/13/1804
Transcribed: Do.Volume 58/13/18049/14/1804
Transcribed: Do.Volume 79/15/180411/6/1804
Transcribed: Do.Volume 711/6/180412/19/1804
Transcribed: Farmers MagVolume 112/19/18041/19/1805
Transcribed: Life CowperWilliam Hayley1/19/18052/11/1805
Transcribed: Farmers MagVolume 32/11/18053/6/1805
Transcribed: Humphrey's WorksVolume 13/6/18054/10/18055d
Transcribed: Austins LettersWilliam Austin4/10/18055/18/1805
Transcribed: Farmers MagVolume 45/18/18057/16/1805
Transcribed: Gardiners EssaysJohn M.D. of Edinburgh. GardinerVolume 17/16/18058/15/1805
Transcribed: Bacon's WorksFrancis BaconVolume 18/15/18058/30/1805
Transcribed: Davis TravelsJohn Davis8/30/18059/4/1805
Transcribed: History 5 NationsCadwallader Colden9/4/18059/9/1805
Transcribed: Bacon's WorksFrancis BaconVolume 112/2/180512/27/1805
Transcribed: SwiftJonathan SwiftVolume 2012/27/1805
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