Gilbert Aspinwall (10/10/1768 - 09/18/1819)

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Gilbert Aspinwall, a merchant, dry goods importer, and ship owner, was born October 10, 1768, in Flushing, New York (Aspinwall 72). He formed the firm Rogers & Aspinwall in 1791 with Nehemiah Rogers, and was in business with his brother John at Gilbert & John Aspinwall from 1794 until 1812 (Aspinwall 72). The two brothers owned several ships and traded with St. Petersburg, Liverpool, and other European ports (Homberger 11). Aspinwall later took his son John as a partner in the firm Gilbert Aspinwall & Son. He served as director in several corporations including the Eagle Fire Insurance Company, the Northern and Western Canal Company, and the Ocean Insurance Company. He was Governor of the New York Hospital in 1799 and 1819, committee member of the New York Chamber of Commerce, and member of the American Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Manufactures.  

Aspinwall married Ann Sowers, daughter of Captain Thomas Sowers in 1791; they had six children (Aspinwall 72-73). 

During a meeting of citizens in Tammany Hall on February 15, 1819, Aspinwall was elected to a committee to decide on a "public demonstration ... of respect" for recent War of 1812 hero and future president Andrew Jackson who was going to be visiting the city ("Tamma"). Jackson's visit was marked by a military review, the gift of a gold box, and a dinner at Tammany Hall (Stone 109).  

Aspinwall died on September 18, 1819, in Jamaica, New York from yellow fever during the City's epidemic; it was reported that he caught the illness at his store in the neighborhood of Old Slip (Mercantile Advertiser 2). He is buried in Prospect Cemetery, Jamaica, Queens, New York.  
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Full Title Author Volume Date Out Date In Rep. Fine Ledger
Transcribed: Van Braam's EmbassyAndreas Everardus van Braam HouckgeestVolume 212/24/18011/18/18022/4
Transcribed: Van Braam's EmbassyAndreas Everardus van Braam HouckgeestVolume 112/24/18011/18/18022/4
Transcribed: Kentish CurateHenry LemoineVolume 21/18/18021/22/1802
Transcribed: Kentish CurateHenry LemoineVolume 31/18/18021/22/1802
Transcribed: Kentish CurateHenry LemoineVolume 41/18/18021/22/1802
Transcribed: Kentish CurateHenry LemoineVolume 11/18/18021/22/1802
Transcribed: ClarissaSamuel RichardsonVolume 11/22/18021/26/1802
Transcribed: ClarissaSamuel RichardsonVolume 21/22/18021/26/1802
Transcribed: ClarissaSamuel RichardsonVolume 31/22/18021/26/1802
Transcribed: Natural SonJoseph-Marie Loaisel de TréogateVolume 21/26/18021/30/1802
Transcribed: Natural SonJoseph-Marie Loaisel de TréogateVolume 11/26/18021/30/1802
Transcribed: Hartleburn CastleVolume 21/30/18022/3/1802
Transcribed: Hartleburn CastleVolume 11/30/18022/3/1802
Transcribed: Women of FashionVolume 12/3/18022/17/1802
Transcribed: Women of FashionVolume 22/3/18022/17/1802
Transcribed: Supposed DaughterR P RVolume 22/17/18022/24/1802
Transcribed: Supposed DaughterR P RVolume 12/17/18022/24/1802
Transcribed: DemocratHenry James Pye2/24/18023/11/1802
Transcribed: Friend of VirtueJean Gaspard Dubois-FontanelleVolume 13/11/18023/29/1802
Transcribed: Friend of VirtueJean Gaspard Dubois-FontanelleVolume 23/11/18023/29/1802
Transcribed: Friend of VirtueJean Gaspard Dubois-FontanelleVolume 33/11/18023/29/1802
Transcribed: Sporting Mag.Volume 1712/18/180212/22/1802
Transcribed: Pirate NaplesMary CharltonVolume 28/19/18038/19/1803
Transcribed: Pirate NaplesMary CharltonVolume 38/19/18038/19/1803
Transcribed: Pirate NaplesMary CharltonVolume 18/19/18038/19/1803
Transcribed: Account Rendered12/4/18042/4
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